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Agriculture Tourism

The Agriculture Tourism (Agrotourism) Tours Usambara Mountain is divided into two parts each with its unique features and attractions, these are West Usambara Mountain and East Usambara Mountain As we aim at poverty reduction and improved environmental management of natural resources our Community Based Tourism Programme has been working with communities in villages so we discovered Agrotourism and other Green Economy programs are to be implemented in Usambara to make sure that we use tourism as a tool for poverty alleviation by linking various sectors with Tourism sectors like introducing tourism to the agricultural sector aiming at benefiting the big group local communities and encourages conservation of our biodiversity in our beautiful environment.

Coffee Tour

This tour May starts from Lushoto Township where the guide will come to pick you from the hotel in Lushoto, you will pass through Lushoto township, hiking in the villages with very beautiful landscapes and mountains peak and villages to kwembago village,1hours from town you will arrive to our grandfathers farm with very good and lots of coffee trees, our grandfather passed away in march 2020 aged 99, we thanks God he left us a very good farm with lots of coffee trees,  we are still enjoying as a memories to remember his effort. You will visit the farm and learn a lot about how coffee was discovered worldwide, who discovered the coffee, how we work in the field, how plant, care and harvest, then you will visit our purping machine used by our grand Father and still used to remove the coffee red shells of coffee cherries, then you will learn how to wash, dry and later you will drive OR continue hiking to Magamba Eco-cultural center where you will be introduced to dried coffee beans ready to start processing locally a cup of coffee grinding and singing until you celebrate a cup of coffee from the great Usambara Mountains.

Join the tour guides in Bike Tour.

The guide will pick you from the hotel you stay and drive to Magamba Eco-village, on your arrival you will be welcomed by local mamas with lemon grass and ginger tea with some bite, while the guides will be giving you the briefing about the life of the local people and the days program. After tea and briefings you will take your mountain bike and drive on the one ways trail to our coffee farm for coffee tour and environmental programs.later ride back to our center where you will process the dried coffee beans until you celebrate a cup of coffee from your own hands under the help of local mamas

Storytelling & herbal tours

This tour starts from our center, the guide will pick you from the hotel and take you to Magamba Eco-village, on arrival you will meet the local mamas who will welcome you and serve you the lemon grass and ginger tea, while hearing the briefings and explanation of cultural tourism and the people in Usambara from the past societies to present. After breakfast you will start hiking in our village, possibly visit our vegetable and fruits garden and walk trough the kwemonko and mshelemle, then enter to mzee Nyangusi’s home, you will be welcomed by this aged man from the village he will ask you some question about what you want to know about our village history and all our community story then you will hear and learn a lot about our past and present, from there you will proceed to bibi Rozy a traditional healer and very knowledgeable women about the local herbs, you will see some trees and plants used locally to treat the people before hospitals attending and their important to the local communities. After tour your will hike back to our center for lunch and sign up before departure.

Pottery Making Experience in Country side

After breakfast start driving from Magamba /Lushoto to Mtae, stop at Magamba village and visit local breweries and have a chance to see how local beer (BOHA) can be made from sugarcane juice, after that keep driving up through local villages to the Mabughai pottery workshop. See how the women use the clay soil that is specific to that area to make various pots and a variety of equipment. Let them teach you how to make your own piece of pottery. After that proceed with lunch soemwhere on the way, after lunch enjoy the breath-taking view then start driving back to Magamba/Lushoto.

Magamba Nature Foret Reserve Hiking

Magamba Eco-Cultural Tourism is located just adjacent Magamba Nature forest Reserve. It is your Ideally place to do hikings, Birds Watching, Nights walk searching of noctunal birds and also searching for chameleons.

Magamba Nature Forest Reserve has high biological diversity with high richness of flora and fauna due to the varied altitudinal and climatic conditions present in the area. The reserve is managed for biodiversity conservation, water sources, ecotourism activities and research purposes.

We offer a very eco & friendly tour to explore the beautiful Magamba Nature Forest Reserve we do it because we are living here. Approximately 14km, take a walk uphill through traditional villages, farmland and learn about cultural life of the Shambaa People, keep your eyes alert and spot some chameleons. Continue your hike up to Magamba rainforest while leaning about the spiritual and medicinal herbs as used by the local tribesmen. Look into tree tops and see if you can spot a black and white colobus monkey or the famous blue monkey. Pass by the German cave and learn of its historical military use. Hike to the peak of the forest where you can enjoy the view of lushoto town and the royal village while you have your lunch before slowly making your way back to the hotel

Dominant tree species include: Ocotea usambarensis, Tabernaemontana pachysiphon, Macaranga conglomerata, Albizia gummifera, Vepris nobilis, Syzgium guineense, Aphloia theiformis, Dasylepis integra, Flacourtia indica and Psychotria goetzei.

Shrub species include: Chassalia discolour, Dodonea viscosa, Dracaena afromontana, Erica benguelensis, Grewia similis, Gymnanthemum myrianthum, Lijndenia procteri, Lobelia giberroa, Memecylon deminutum and Pavetta abyssinica. Other plants include: Toddalia asiatica (climber), Landolphia kirkii (climber) and Cyathea manniana (fern).

Animals include: Bush-pig, black and white Colobus monkeys, rabbits, antelope sand squirrels whereas;

Reptiles include: chameleons, lizards and snakes.

Birds species include: owls, swifts, Caprimulgus guttifer (Usambara nightjar) Bubo vosseleri (Usambara eagle owl), Neocossyehus poensis (White tailed ant-thrush), Turdus pelios (African thrush), Turdus roehli (Usambara thrush), Sheppardia Montana (Usambara akalat), Nectarinia usambaricus (Usambara sunbird), Ploceus melanogaster (Black billed weaver) and Pachyphates supperciliosus (Compact weaver) 

And the insects: Such as butterflies, ants, beetles, millipedes and centipede species.

Our Visitors can experience the flora and fauna of the forest.  through sights seeing, walking and hiking through beautiful mountain forest.

At Magamba Eco-cultural Tourism we have some facilities like Camping Ground, Local clean Toilet and bathroom, for the visitors who wouldlike to stay and pitch tents in our camping ground and enjoy the night walk from our center

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